Dulwich Village, a whimsical corner in South London steeped in history and charm! Did you know its name might come from the Old English "Dilwihs" meaning "meadow where dill grows"? Fascinating, right?

Fun Facts

Dulwich College: ๐ŸŽ“ Founded in 1619, isn't just any school โ€“ it's where the famous author P.G. Wodehouse studied! This school has a long history and stunning buildings that make it super special.

Dulwich Picture Gallery: ๐ŸŽจ Did you know that Dulwich Picture Gallery is England's oldest public art gallery? It's home to incredible paintings by famous artists like Rembrandt, Van Dyck, and Gainsborough. A must-visit for art enthusiasts!

Peaceful Almshouses: ๐Ÿก The Dulwich Almshouses are picturesque houses built in the 17th century for elderly people in need. They're like tiny cottages in a storybook setting!


Our mission to fill the streets with colour

After walking our pram around Brixton with our newborn daughter, we started photographing our favourite local spots in south London, creating a record of this magical and sleep-deprived time.

Colour where you live and love

Wanting to share these memories with our 5-year-old son, we suddenly had an idea: what if he could colour in the pictures? We gave the finished product to our boy, with a new pack of colouring pencils. He loved it. Colour Your Streets was born.


The local colouring book

What started as a love letter to our local area, is now growing; allowing more people to colour in where they live and love. Letโ€™s fill our streets with colour.

Emma and Jeremy